Green vehicles can be powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicle. as the vehicle and its components can be made more environmentally friendly.
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our rickshaws could be a low-emitter complementary transport for the ... popular because of the strength and durability, resulting in low maintenance.
Advantages of e-Rickshaw

E – rickshaws or Electric rickshaws have been becoming more popular in most parts of the globe since 2008. In India, e – rickshaws began to gain popularity since 2011.

As these rickshaws faced a ban by the Indian government in the capital city of Delhi, the increase in their number failed. But, still they are widely used in most parts of the country.

On 8 October,2014, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had notified the rules to regulate the e- rickshaws by making important amendments under the Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989. In March 2015, the Parliament passed the amendments and finally, legalized the use of electric rickshaws.

Recently, the transport department decided to introduce these e-rickshaws in four major cities of Maharashtra – Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Nashik.

Now, that these new age vehicles will be available on the streets soon, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of e-rickshaws.

  • No Fuel Consumption
  • Non-Polluting, Eco-friendly
  • Silent Means of Transportation
  • New Employment Opportunity
  • Higher Income for Driver
  • Easy to Drive
  • Designed in a such a way that a Women can also Drive it
  • Makes faster journey between Small routes
  • Poor people who has to travel on daily basis can easily afford to travel by such vehicles
  • Poor people who have no skills can atleast earn their livelihood by atleast running an e rickshaw
  • Thier will be a huge compromise in enviornemental pollution.
  • No heavy maintanence and easy to ride
  • Pollution free and eco friendly to the enviornment.
Our Vission
To help, establish and sustain world class battery operated rickshaw & deliver the benefits of an affordable battery operated rickshaw to the people of India.